Local Handyman Rates



Mon-Fri 08:30-18:00.                      Evenings/Weekends

First Half Hour                                  £40                                                £50

Additional Half Hour(s)                   £20                                                 £33

Half Day (3.5 Hours)                        £125                                               £180

Full Day (7 Hours)                            £250                                               £300

Waste disposal

£12  per small bag (similar in size to a 20kg sand bag) although we can also quote to dispose of larger items. Waste is otherwise left onsite for clients to dispose of.


Parts & Materials that have to be sourced are charged hourly,i don't charge a markup on goods.

Off Site parking

Prices are calculated based on the availability of onsite parking for a large van. If onsite parking isn't available, we can always park offsite for the additional cost of parking Payment Payment will become due If in doubt please ask.